Jetski Rental Rates


1 h rental: $150.00 + $100 security deposit 

2 h rental: $300.00 + $100 security deposit

3 h rental: $425.00 + $200 security deposit


1 jet ski rentals are only available for a minimum of 2 hours

Only 2 people are allowed per jet ski at any given time. If more than 1 additional driver/passenger is requested, the additional drivers/passengers will be subjected to a $20 surcharge per person.

The deposit is required for booking purposes and cannot be applied towards the rental payment, and will be fully refunded once the watercraft is returned ON TIME and WITHOUT ANY DAMAGES or FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN. Failure to do so will result in a forfeited deposit. In the event that the damage repair/replacement fee (as outlined in our rental agreement) is greater than the security deposit, the participant will be responsible for the remaining balance. 

All participants (drivers & passengers) must be willing to a rental agreement & a waiver and release of liability at the time of booking. Parent or legal guardian will be asked to sign for minors.

All drivers born on or after January 1st 1988 are required to have a Florida boating certificate. To obtain this certificate, individuals must take a safety boating class and pass the final examination. This class can be taken online on various websites such as (best option for temporary boating certificate for rentals) or (best option for free lifetime boating license, please don't forget to donate to this site to keep running it for free).

We provide all lifejackets and safety equipments.