Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

We are a mobile jet ski rental company in West Palm Beach, FL. We deliver the jet skis near Peanut Island in Riviera Beach, FL​.

2. Are all the rentals guided?

Yes, all of our rentals are guided. Since most of our customers are not familiar with the area, your guide will let you know where it is safe for you to ride. Your guide will also give you the opportunity to free ride in certain designated areas, while he/she waits on the sidelines and assists you in case of an emergency.

3. How old do you have to be to operate a jet ski?

Florida law requires that a person operating a jet ski or any watercraft be at least 14 years of age. In addition, individuals born on or after January 1st 1988 must obtain a Florida boating certificate prior to your rental date.

4. How old do you have to be to rent a jet ski?

You have to be at least 18 years old to rent a jet ski.

5. What is your hourly rate? Do you offer a tour rate?

Our rates are available under the rates tab. Click here to be redirected to the rates tab.

6. I have never been on a jet ski before, is it safe?

Yes it is safe, remember if you are the driver you are in control of how fast or how slow you want to go. However, just like any other activity there is the potential of a risk, that's why it's important to always be aware of your surroundings, and taking the safety boating class will benefit anyone not just the first time thrill seekers.

7. Where can I take the safety boating class?

Several websites offer the Florida safety boating class. It is mandatory for individuals born on or after January 1st 1988. However, the safety boating class is for anyone who wants to learn more about the precautions and rules of operating a watercraft. If you are only interested in a temporary Florida boating certificate typically valid for 90 days visit  this temporary certificate will cost you around $10. If you are interested in a free lifetime boating license please visit, keep in mind that the material covered on this website is for a lifetime boating license and requires several hours of study time, quizzes, and a 60 question final exam. 

8. What do I need to bring on the day of my rental?

On the day of your rental you will need to bring your ID, a copy of your Florida boating license if this applies to you, a signed copy of the rental agreement & a signed copy of the waiver and release of liability, a waterproof bag for your personal items, please wear a wet suit or wet suit bottom for adequate protection, water shoes, eye goggles, bottle water for proper hydration, and a fun attitude. We will provide all necessary lifejackets, and safety equipments.

9. What time should I arrived for my reservation?

Once your reservation has been booked, we will send you the docking location. We suggest that you arrive preferably 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation, but no later than 15 minutes; this will allow you enough time to find a parking spot, go over the safety guidelines, and to be on the water at your scheduled time; moreover, this will ensure that our following appointments aren't impacted.

10. What are your booking, cancellation, and no-show policies?

We recommend booking your appointment at least 48 hours in advance, and cancellation must be done no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled rental time. Cancellations made with less than a 24 hours notice will forfeit their deposit. No shows are non-refundable and will automatically forfeit their deposit. Late arrivals will automatically forfeit their time. "Make up" time for late arrivals is not guaranteed. 

11. Can I pay in cash?

All transaction are done online. Cash transaction whether deposits or payments are not accepted.

12. What forms of payments are accepted?

Currently we accept payments via Zelle (, or Venmo (@NamakaWatersports).

13. Is a deposit required?

Yes, a deposit is always required in order to reserve your desired time slot, and cannot be applied towards the rental payment. Deposits are only accepted via Zelle or Venmo. Deposits vary depending on the package selected and are refundable when the equipment is returned on time without any damages and the jet skis have not been flipped upside down.

14. Do you offer refunds?

We have a no refund policy. In the event that your rental/tour is canceled, due to equipment failure or inclement weather, we will reschedule your rental/tour to a later time and date of your choice.

15. What happens if my personal items get lost/stolen/wet?

We are not responsible for loss or theft of personal items, and damages to personal items as a result of getting wet or falling in the water. Therefore, please bring a small waterproof bag for your personal belongings that you will be able to store inside the jet ski's storage compartment.

16. Do you charge extra for additional drivers/passengers?

Only 1 additional driver/passenger is allowed per jet ski at no additional cost. If more than 1 additional driver/passenger is requested, the additional drivers/passengers will be subjected to a $20 surcharge per person. Also we only allow 2 people to be on the jet skis at any given time. 

17. Do I have to tip my guide?

Tips are not mandatory but always welcome.